Tips For Keeping A Healthy Vagina

Being a woman there are a few things you can do to keep your vagina healthy and happy. We want to prepare you for life long health. First, you should be using condoms. They are not only great a protecting against pregnancy, but they also protect you from STDs. In a recent study, condoms have actually been shown to keep the vagina pH at a great level. Speaking of keeping your pH level in balance, skip the fancy silk underwear and go with 100% cotton. The cotton allows the area to breath and absorb moisture. It’s also suggested that every now and then you go commando around the house so things can air out.

Kegels are a great way to keep your vaginal muscles tone and in shape. They will even make orgasms more mind-blowing. These are very simple exercises and can be done multiple times each day. Eat your greek yogurt. Probiotics will help to regular the bacteria and yeast levels inside of the vagina. On the same note, make sure that you have your annual exam. This will help to detect health problems early. And this also give you the chance to talk to your medical professional about any questions you may have about your vaginal health. You can get more great tips like this at


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