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I frequently get requests for translations of my blog posts for other websites, and I am usually open to this. Please note that this applies to translations only, not to the English version. However, there are a few requirements.

  • Ask for Permission before(!) translating. I sometimes refuse depending on the use, but this is not common. If the translated article is available online, please also let me know afterwards. If it is for a journal or magazine, please send me a PDF copy for my own reference. As an academic I want publications 🙂 . If it is for a commercial product (e.g. a book) please ask separately.
  • If you want to re-use your translation from your blog for a book or journal, please ask again.
  • The translation must be of good quality. A simple Google Translate version is not sufficient.
  • Your translation must credit my name and my blog as the original author at the beginning of the article, including a link to the original article. E.g., “Translated with permission from “Line Layout Strategies – Part 3: Merging” by Christoph Roser on” (including links to article in particular and blog in general). You can translate the “Translated with…” into your own language, but please keep the title of my post, my blog, and my name in English.
  • For images: Click on the images on my website for details on the source and license. See Permission to Use Images from for details.
    • You can use my own images for the articles. If you use my images outside the article, please give the source as shown on the image page or as “Image by Christoph Roser with permission on” (including link if possible)
    • You can use other freely licensed images (e.g. CC-BY-SA, public domain, etc.) as per their license.
    • Some images are copyrighted by others and cannot be used without permission (e.g., or “with permission” images). For those, you would need to find or buy another image.
  • If you make the translation available online, there must be no paywall. I.e., the content must be available for free to anyone. You can do advertising on your site if you want.
  • This permission is not exclusive, and others may translate the same content in the same language for their own purposes. I reserve the right to do my own translation for my own needs or give permissions to others to do so. I will not use your translation without explicit permission by you.

Feel free to ask me if anything is unclear. The rules above apply to websites. If you write a book (eBook, paper, other) or other documents, please contact me for discussion.

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