Font Samples

Just for fun, I created a book with font samples, as well as some guidelines on which font to choose and how to use which style of font. This was a fun one week project, completely different from my usual topic of lean manufacturing. As I find it important to see fonts actually printed, the book is available as a paperback only, but not as an E-Book.

Roser, Christoph. Font Samples: Common Typefaces for Books and How to Use Them. Offenbach: AllAboutLean Publishing, 2021. 184 pages, ISBN 978-3-96382-037-3

This book is for fiction and nonfiction writers who want to select a font for their works. The goal of this book is to help you in finding a good font for your text and your headlines, and to avoid common errors of inexperienced typesetters.

This book gives helpful advice on the selection and use of typography for many of the typefaces and fonts that are included with Microsoft Windows.

For each of the over 150 fonts in this book there are longer paragraphs in three different sizes. This allows you to judge the feeling and vibes of a font to determine whether this one is the right one for you. There are also general recommendations on its use, as well as bold and italic samples. For each font there are also different heading style samples, to see if this font is a good match for a heading in your works.

This book will help you to find the right font for your work!

Font List

Serif Fonts

Sans-Serif Fonts

Decorative and Other Fonts

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Who Is This Book For?
    2. On Times New Roman and Arial
    3. The Difference between Font and Typeface
    4.  Which Font to Use?
    5. The Fonts in This Book
  2. Features of Typefaces
    1.  Readability
    2. Feeling and Emotion
    3. Use of Space
    4. Serif, Sans-Serif, and Other
    5. Monospaced and Proportional
    6. Copyright Issues
  3. Modification of Typefaces
    1. Size
    2. Character Spacing
    3. Bold, Italics, Underlined
    4. Capitalization
    5. Drop Caps
    6. Line Spacing and Paragraph Spacing
    7. Indent or Hanging
    8. Justified or Left Aligned
    9. Color
  4.  Serif Fonts
  5.  Sans-Serif Fonts
  6. Decorative and Other Fonts
  7. About the Author

Font List as Text… to Aid Googling…

Serif Fonts

Baskerville Old Face; Bell MT; Bernard MT Condensed; Bodoni MT; Bodoni MT Black; Bodoni MT Condensed; Bodoni MT Poster Compressed; Book Antiqua; Bookman Old Style; Californian FB; Calisto MT; Cambria; Centaur; Century; Century Schoolbook; Constantia; Cooper Black; Courier New; Elephant; Engravers MT; Felix Titling; Footlight MT Light; Garamond; Georgia; Gloucester MT Extra Condensed; Goudy Old Style; Goudy Stout; High Tower Text; Lucida Bright; Lucida Fax; Modern No. 20; Monotype Corsiva; Onyx; Palatino Linotype; Perpetua; Perpetua Titling MT; Playbill; Poor Richard; Rockwell; Rockwell Condensed; Rockwell Extra Bold; Sitka Banner; Sitka Display; Sitka Heading; Sitka Small; Sitka Subheading; Sitka Text; Snap ITC; Stencil; Sylfaen; Times New Roman; Wide Latin;

Sans-Serif Fonts

Agency FB; Arial; Arial Black; Arial Narrow; Arial Rounded MT Bold; Bahnschrift; Bauhaus 93; Berlin Sans FB; Berlin Sans FB Demi; Britannic Bold; Broadway; Calibri; Calibri Light; Candara; Candara Light; Century Gothic; Comic Sans MS; Consolas; Copperplate Gothic Bold; Copperplate Gothic Light; Corbel; Corbel Light; Eras Bold ITC; Eras Demi ITC; Eras Light ITC; Eras Medium ITC; Franklin Gothic Book; Franklin Gothic Demi; Franklin Gothic Demi Cond; Franklin Gothic Heavy; Franklin Gothic Medium; Franklin Gothic Medium Cond; Gabriola; Gill Sans MT; Gill Sans MT Condensed; Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold; Gill Sans Ultra Bold; Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed; Haettenschweiler; Harrington; Impact; Juice ITC; Lucida Console; Lucida Sans; Lucida Sans Typewriter; Lucida Sans Unicode; Maiandra GD; Matura MT Script Capitals; Microsoft Sans Serif; MS Reference Sans Serif; OCR A Extended; Papyrus; Segoe Print; Segoe Script; Segoe UI; Segoe UI Black; Segoe UI Light; Segoe UI Semibold; Segoe UI Semilight; Showcard Gothic; Tahoma; Trebuchet MS; Tw Cen MT; Tw Cen MT Condensed; Tw Cen MT Condensed Extra Bold; Verdana;

Decorative and Other Fonts

Algerian; Blackadder ITC; Bradley Hand ITC; Brush Script MT; Castellar; Chiller; Colonna MT; Curlz MT; Edwardian Script ITC; Forte; Freestyle Script; French Script MT; Gigi; Harlow Solid Italic; Imprint MT Shadow; Informal Roman; Ink Free; Jokerman; Kristen ITC; Kunstler Script; Lucida Calligraphy; Lucida Handwriting; Magneto; Mistral; Niagara Engraved; Niagara Solid; Old English Text MT; Palace Script MT; Parchment; Pristina; Rage Italic; Ravie; Script MT Bold; Tempus Sans ITC; Viner Hand ITC; Vivaldi; Vladimir Script; ;


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