I frequently give and also have developed my own trainings in the field of lean manufacturing. These trainings are usually aimed at a smaller audience of up to twenty people and provide an interactive simulation and game experience for the participants. For larger groups, lectures may be more suitable than interactive activities. These trainings can be in-house at your location. Depending on the training, a shop floor visit can be included to transfer the classroom knowledge to the shop floor.  These trainings can be either in English or in German.

A list of topics on which I have interactive trainings available include, for example:

  • Introduction to Lean Manufacturing (2 days)
  • Bottleneck Detection (1/2 to 1 day; my own development)
  • Gemba Walk, including muda, mura, muri and bottleneck detection (1 day)
  • Effects of Fluctuations and How to Deal with Them (1 day; my own development)
  • Creativity Techniques (1/2 day)

Additional trainings can be created depending on your needs. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a training engagement.

See also my offers of consulting and public speaking.

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